DVC members can look forward to previews of the latest EPCOT attraction, Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana!  The interactive outdoor trail blends a mix of old-fashioned EPCOT “edutainment” with inspiration from the Walt Disney Animation Studios film “Moana” as it teaches guests how to help protect the natural water cycle.  Guests can find Journey of Water across from the Coral Reef Restaurant in World Nature within EPCOT.  

Preview Dates

DVC previews take place on:

Sunday, September 24 Monday, September 25 Tuesday, September 26 Wednesday, September 27 Thursday, September 28 Friday, September 29 Sunday, October 1 Monday, October 2 Tuesday, October 3 Wednesday, October 4 

The attraction will be open from park opening to 5pm.  


The preview is only available for DVC members who are eligible for Membership Extras (DVC-Y).  DVC members can bring up to 4 additional guests per membership card for a total party of

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