With the addition of the Island Tower to the Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, many DVC members have been pondering what this means for the points chart.  Specifically, what can change for the existing Deluxe Studios and Bungalows?  Can there be a shift in points to help level out the cost of the point-heavy Bungalows?

The Parameters According to the Public Offering Statement Excerpt from the DVC Multi-Site Public Offering Statement The 20% Rule

The multi-site public offering statement helps explain what DVC can do with the Polynesian points chart when the Island Tower is added.  According to the statement, DVC may change the number of DVC Vacation Points required to make reservations in response to DVC Member use patterns or demand.  

Nevertheless, DVC will not “​​reallocate DVC Vacation Points by more than twenty percent (20%) for any Use Day from year to year except for special periods of high

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