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    Disney’s Animal Kingdom Has 33 Restaurants, But You Only Need To Know About 5

    Animal Kingdom is not typically the park that immediately comes to mind when you think about Disney World. Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom However, it is many people’s favorite park, especially kids’, because...
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    Disney World Adds New Characters to the Animation Experience

    Credit: Disney If you have always wanted to learn to draw beloved Disney characters, you are in luck! Disney has added brand new characters to The Animation Experience! See what is in store for...
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    The Magic Kingdom Attraction You Can’t Count On

    Things happen in Disney World. That includes things that are completely out of your control. Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom For example, you can’t control the weather and Florida weather is decidedly finicky. You...
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    24 Snacks You Need in Disney World in 2024

    Alright, you Disney World snackers, the time has come to lay out the best snacks to try in 2024! Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom We’ve put together a list of 24(!!) snacks that you...
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    Annual Passholders — Don’t Forget To Grab This FREE SOUVENIR in Disney World!

    Calling all Annual Passholders! There’s a FREE GIFT for you in Disney World today! Disney World Annual Pass Come with us to pick up some exclusive souvenirs in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney announced...
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    🚨Annual Passholders Can Grab a FREE GIFT in Disney World Right Now!🚨

    Calling all Disney World Annual Passholders who like free stuff! (That Venn Diagram should be a circle, right?) Annual Passes Every once in a while, Disney starts to feel a little generous and decides...

    Full List of Disney World Park Hours for January 2024

    Your January 2024 Disney World trip is almost here! EPCOT Good job on booking your hotel and flight and for making those park pass reservations. While you’re counting down the days until you’re playing...
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    DFB Video: The ULTIMATE Guide to Animal Kingdom in 2024

    Ready to take on an African safari, dive into the big blue world with Nemo, and *possibly* say goodbye to some old dino friends? Animal Kingdom Then it’s time to take a trip to...
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    Be Prepared for These Disney World Ride CLOSURES in 2024

    Even though we would like to experience EVERYTHING Disney World has to offer every trip, it’s a nearly impossible feat. Cinderella Castle From its sheer size to limited seasonal offerings, Disney World challenges its...
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    Disney World Wait Times Are Creeping Back Up to Multiple Hours 👀

    We’re officially in that weird, in-between part of the year — you know, after Thanksgiving but before Christmas and Hanukkah? Magic Kingdom Everyone is still in the holiday spirit, but it’s not really officially...