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PRICE INCREASE Hits Popular Souvenir Experience in Disney World

WDW Hollywood Studios Galaxys Edge Atmo jpg
Heads up, Star Wars fans! Galaxy’s Edge You probably already know that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the place to experience all things from a galaxy far, far, away thanks to Galaxy’s Edge. But, did you know you can find similar experiences to Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World without needing a park ticket?! Savi’s Workshop in Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios...

12(!!) Rides CLOSED in Disney World Yesterday 👀

wdw Magic Kingdom cinderella castle atmos x jpg
TONS of people visit Disney World every single day. Cinderella Castle ​We all eagerly wait for our turn in line to ride the rides, eat the food, and see the shows. Unfortunately, all the rides have a chance to temporarily shut down throughout the day. Some days more happen to close for short periods than on other days. April...

Well, We Weren’t Expecting Gideon’s Bakehouse To Sell THIS Souvenir, But Here We Are

wdw disney springs gideons bakehouse june sea turtle cookie jpg
Gideon’s Bakehouse has become a destination for folks visiting Disney Springs — and even just Disney World as a whole. Sometimes, you just really want a cookie With their half-pound cookies, giant cake slices, and delicious cold brews, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider fitting this spot into your Disney plans. And now, we just found...

9 Must-Have Souvenirs From Adventureland in Magic Kingdom

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There is nothing quite like taking a leisurely stroll through Adventureland! Adventureland There is SO much to see! Whether you’re checking out the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, going to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, or even just taking in the sights — there is so much to experience. When you’re at Disney World, there is one thing that is...

REVIEW: We Ate EVERYTHING at Disneyland’s Star Wars Nite

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May the Food…err…the Force be with you! We’re in Disneyland attending Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite, and we are SO excited to let our Star Wars nerd OUT and enjoy some special entertainment, characters, food, and more. But let’s get back to the food — now, we’ve made our way around the entire event to eat all...

The Best and Worst Disney Castles to Live In

The Best and Worst Disney Castles to Live In jpg
The Best and Worst Disney Castles to Live In If you say you’ve never wanted to live in a castle, you’re lying. Come on, even Flynn Rider gushes about his dream of one day owning a palace to die for. Naturally our obsession with castles grew directly from our love of all things Disney. Not gonna lie, we...

That Store You Though Was Closed in Disney Springs Just REOPENED

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We’ll admit that it’s often hard to keep up with all the stores and restaurants that close and reopen in Disney World. Disney Springs Disney Springs has seen a LOT of stores close (some permanently), while others have reopened with new looks. Well, last year, the Everything But Water store abruptly closed in July and was supposed to reopen...

ALL of the CHARACTERS You Can Meet at Disney’s Star Wars Nite

Disneyland After Dark Star Wars Nite x jpg
It’s Star Wars season in Disneyland! More specifically, it’s the Season of the Force, when Disneyland celebrates all things Star Wars. ©Disney Not only does this celebration bring special events, snacks, merchandise, and more to Disneyland, but there’s also Disneyland After Dark: Star Wars Nite, a special ticketed event that offers some EXCLUSIVE Star Wars entertainment, snacks, characters, and more....

Check Out These Gorgeous New Disney Hotel Rooms

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Disneyland Guests Are Getting to Join This Star Wars Cavalcade?!

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Star Wars Nite is in full swing in Disneyland, and we’re experiencing it firsthand with you! We’ve checked out some of the amazing entertainment available, ridden some rides with very low wait times, and eaten some of the special treats only available during the evening, but something extra special happens at this event too — park guests get...